CZ 550 LUX. 30.06 Springfield


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Date Updated: March 23, 2017
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The CZ 550 Lux in 30.06 Springfield caliber, control round feed, double-set trigger, trigger can be adjusted for pull weight and travel, three position safety, coking indicator, open adjustable sights, classic square bridge receiver with a 19 mm dovetail milled right into the receiver. I purchase this rifle 2015 spring. went for one hunting trip. The rifle is amazing, but wasn't come that way at all. I did some tuning and adjustments. Rifle was bedding for free flooded barrel, made and install recoil lugs bushing from bearing steel, replaced plastic floor plate and follower for steel ones, replace sling swivels. Very accurate, and comfortable rifle. Rifle is wood and steel only. It very hard to find one now. Rifle is used, have 2 small dints on stock and small hole on the buttstock rubber, That was result of hunting, up/down on tree stands, walk into heavy bush, etc. Please contact for more pictures. Package included in price: 1. CZ 550 Lux 30.06 Rifle. 2. WARNE CZ 550 Quick Detach (19mm Dovetail) Rings 1in Medium Matte (1BLM).  Shipping extra.

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