NEW UNFIRED- Robinson Arms XCR-M (.308)


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Date Updated: August 9, 2018
Price $2,700.00
Condition New

For Sale:

Robinson Arms XCR-M .308 Semi-Automatic Rifle heavy barrel *Non-Restricted.

I bought this rifle and have decided to go with a more traditional hunting rifle. This rifle has never seen a single round through the chamber, and is in perfectly mint condition. This is an incredibly rugged yet ergonomic rifle with many capabilities.

Rifle also comes with a hard case, Tri-rail Picatinny riser, Tactical-Link sling and side picatinny sling mount. to but this gun new with taxes and all accessories included would be about $3200, looking for $2700.00. Must have a valid Possession Acquisition License (PAL).

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SASKATOON, SK [ Show Map ]

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