1997 GMC Extenda Cab 4x4 - 3rd Door Pick Up Truck


Classified ID 46574
Date Updated: February 4, 2015
Price $3,000.00
Condition Fair

For Sale or Trade: 1997 GM extenda cab - buckets console, 5.7 vortec 4spd auto 4x4 - low km - rubber 99% - runs strong, drives good - clean tight unit - Set up for 5th wheel. Original truck only needs minor tlc to be perfect: windshield, front driveshaft & a few small interior pieces-  Only rust is on 3rd door, which is easily replaced!  (will be continuing to find everything this truck needs, but will be raising price accordingly as I go- buy now & save!) - $3k or interesting trade whole or in part; gas wood splitter, shipping container, vintage sled, motorcycle, fel tractor or 1920's/30's auto projects, firearms (PAL), other?  antique? - mechanical other?? Located near Melfort Sk.

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BEATTY, SK [ Show Map ]

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