Heckler & Koch USP in .45 ACP


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Date Updated: August 4, 2016
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Heckler & Koch USP in .45 ACP

 The gun has been fired around 100 rounds.
 It comes with everything you see in the photos, and I will give away with it
a carton of 50 bullets and a large cleaning kit consisting of several
bottles of oil and solvent, at least two bore brushes and a bag of
cotton cleaning patches (all unopened and not shown in photos) all
within a plastic caring case as well as an extra gun case to transport
ammo, all included free with the gun purchase.

The gun has a red LaserMax laser already installed on the rail.
It has its own little allan key and screwdriver for adjustments.

Items Included with each gun:

(1) Its own Original carrying case.
(2) Instruction and Information booklets.
(3) Accessory tools: Allan keys and screw driver for adjusting the laser.
(4) Original magazine (10 round, legal).
(5) Paper target (from H&K) showing target grouping by H&K Quality Control test round.
(6) Four (4) extra magazines as shown in photos (10 round, legal) for each gun.
(7) Cable lock and key.
(8) As many cartons of ammunition as I have available.

(9) Extra gun case useful for locking and transpotring ammo. (not shown in photos)

(10) Large plastic carrying case containg large gun clenaing kit. (not shown in photos)

How to contact me

I live in Laval, Quebec, CANADA.
You can Private Message me here but I do not log in here all that often,
so I may not know you are trying to contact me.

So if you are really serious about purchasing, you can just call me at
Please leave me a message and speak clearly, repeating your telephone number 2 times.

Or  you can e-mail me at


Asking Price: $1900 (plus shipping)


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