Mauser K98' 1941' "SOLD"


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Date Updated: October 15, 2016
Price $895.00
Condition Excellent

    Offered is a very nice Mauser K98' made in Oberndorf in 1941' It was part of the Portuguese contract that was cancelled & most of the rifles were sent to the Barbarossa front.  They were the last  produced, to have commercial grade bluing & were machined meticulously. The have very heavily stamped Waffemnant Eagles / Swastikas  & many inspection stamps also. This rifle has all matching numbers right down to some screws. A solid Walnut stock, not laminated ! ( #171 matching) with the flat buttplate also. Serial No. F171      indicating a very early "F-Block Rifle "

 The original bluing is excellent & there is no pitting or corrossion anywhere.

The bore is bright with crisp rifling. Cartouches are quite evident on the stock. Proper cleaning rod & sight hood.

   These rifles sell from $1,500-3500 ( USD )  in the USA. & more. search them out. !

 SOLD.  I have sold three K98s in the last 2 weeks. They dont last long..

 One  1944' DOT  left , Very nice.." SOLD" in 2 days 

    One more DoT  came in  ;  A 1944' Mauser K98' also; a true battle rifle,solid, looks good.  $695.. shipped !


    A PRISTINE Swedish Mauser may be coming in ; a 1942' M38 , by Husqvarna, no-rework, only 60K made !

 e-m or phone for more info ; Dont miss out ; they dont last long..

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