SKS Hunting Rifle & Shotgun combo


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Date Updated: July 23, 2018
Price $600.00
Condition Pre-Owned

I am offering my SKS. Modified for deer hunting and small game.  Cut-off bayonet, and installed optics mount.  It comes with good quality micro red dot sight. (firefild).  Also with modify firing pin, internal buffers, light wait heat shield, cleaning kit, 23 stripper clips, sling and ammo pouch. Also all original parts included. This rifle have all matching parts except magazine, was replaced for 5 round mag.   Very accurate rifle, light kicker 7.62x39 caliber. This rifle I purchased on Marstar Canada for about $360 CAD, high grade carbine.  You can buy it chipper but it is lottery if it will be good, also a lot of work to tune in. Also including:  .410 Rossy Tuffy 3" single shot shotgun, IC fixed bore. With fiber optics front sight and adult full stock.

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