Arma-Coat Firearm refinishing kits


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Date Updated: January 12, 2018
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Do you have a badly worn finish on your rifle or pistol and want to make it COMPLETELY RUST RESISTANT for any environment?

Arma-Coat Finishes can supply you with a complete firearm refinishing kit that has all that you need to refinish so you can coat your metal work, stock or optics in a variety of colors. NO BAKING REQUIRED as Arma-Coat cures by air!!!

Arma-Coat is applied by an HVLP auto spray gun, airbrush or our pre-val spray kits.

Arma-Coat is extremely tough and can only be removed by sandblasting once applied!!!

Arma-Coat kits and products can be shipped for very cheap to your door $10-$30 across canada!

Visit our webpage at to see more demo photos and color options! We accept mastercard and visa as payment!

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