Steyr Mannlicher Schoenauer 9.3x62 w/ 6x42 Zeiss Diasta ”D”

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Date Updated: April 20, 2017
Price $1,450.00
Condition Good


This rifle has a new stock (Approx. 1000$) and is sold as custom and not original.  Some marks and such on the rifle. 

Second side safety removed when re-stock but original bolt safety fully functional. Great all around rifle in an amazing caliber, real puncher that will stop everything. Shot it and its just great, great trigger, action and off hand I was on target. Also has a Butter knife bolt that is sweet to handle.


Scope might have a small mark on glass but doesn’t obstruct anything. Comes off claws with push button and back in the same way and still sighted in, iron sights work great as well. Thick reticle works well early and late.


Asking 1400$ + shipping from Penticton


Can provide more details.

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