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Date Updated: December 30, 2015
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I am a new independent distributor for ITWORKS. All products are 100% natural! The top seller is the body wraps. You wear one for a min of 45mins. Depending on how fast your body absorbs the cream. You will see results in 45mins. And this works with or without exercise, thats the best part! You can sign up as a loyal customer meaning buy something once a month for 3months and you get the discount price. After the 3months you can cancel with no charge. You could also become a disributor like myself or you can order from there as a 1 time thing with no strings attached just to see if its right for you! Cantact me for more info I am located in alberta, but you can go on my web site and register and give your address and it will all be shipped to the address you provide. This is not some gimic, it actually does work! You may reply to this ad, or text/call me Candace 780-819-6681

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