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Warman, SK [ Show Map ]
March 19, 2013

Here is a sweet sled for you if you want one that will turn heads and absolutely rip at the simple pull of the rope. Its a 2010 Polaris Dragon RMK 800 with an Aerocharger 66 turbo kit. Aerocharger is a variable vane turbo so it is the only turbo known for its extremely small to no amount of lag. The tunnel on this sled has been made black. It has anodized black Ice Age rails custom cut for the red Ice Age 9" billet wheels. For the fueling part of the turbo kit, it uses an Attitude fuel box which is fairly easy to use and can be adjusted on the go. Inline there is a Holley adjustable fuel pressure regulator that is 2:1 boost regulating as well so as the boost comes on it gets 2 pounds of fuel pressure to every pound of boost. The clutching has been equipped with a custom cut HM Turbos helix in the secondary, a custom HM Turbos primary spring and adjustable Dalton weights in the primary. It has a full set of gauges to monitor so you shouldn't really ever have a problem as long as you are watching them. I installed an AEM wideband air/fuel gauge, a boost gauge, and Digitron dual panel EGT gauge (one probe is currently not working). Lots of people say that these motors are scary to own but its like any of them, there are good ones and there are bad ones, the only warranty issue this sled ever had was a faulty oil pump. So it is obviously not one of the lemons. It has also been rebuilt less than 100 miles ago with the MTNTK Fix Kit. It is set up at about 6 lbs of boost right now and runs strong at that, running on pump gas and will come with springs and shims that will allow you to run anywhere from 5-12lbs of boost and can run avgas. Avgas only runs for about $1.50-$1.80 a liter so ALOT cheaper than race fuel. I have been able to not run race fuel because I installed a 2 degree timing key to retard the timing 2 degrees in the top end. Another great thing on this sled is the XXX Mod Rods running boards. They are very large holes and let the snow get out of them very nicely. It has a 13 piece XXX Mod Rods vent kit installed to keep cool air under the hood and let hot air out. It has the 3rd headlight installed in the center as well to help out if you do some night riding even though the skis are off the ground most of the time with this animal. Lots of turbo sleds on kijiji are going for 12-13 thousand dollars but i am only wanting 8000 dollars FIRM for this one and you will be able to hop on it and outclimb your buddies without installing anything. I will entertain interesting trades

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