HP Hewlett Packard 1630G Logic Analyzer


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Date Updated: July 3, 2018
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HP Hewlett Packard 1630G Logic Analyzer 

Logic analyzers perform trace measurements, they are interactive state and timing analyzers for use in design and troubleshooting of microprocessor based systems. 

1) Timing and state analysis. 
2) Trigger measurements on combinations of glitches, edges and patterns. 
3) Preprocessors, dis-assemblers and down-loadable programs tailor the analyzer for variety of microprocessors and communication buses. 
4) Built-in HP-IB and HP-IL interfaces allow for both manual and automatic testing application and for sending data to an external printer or disc drive. 
5) Data can be displayed in eight different formats, including microprocessor mnemonics, relocate-able, addresses, and user-defined labels 
6) Added internal storage spaces for storing menu configurations and an inverse assembler-up to 65 channels 

Package includes: pods, probe, cables, line card 

Conditions: used, good working conditions, we are the only user of this equipment and therefore knows it has been maintained very well. Sell as is.

Item is located in Brampton of Canada. Preferred to be pickup. The equipment is very heavy, if you insist shipping, it has to be UPS or Fedex if you have courier account.
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