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Classified ID 45591
Date Updated: September 12, 2018
Price Call For Pricing
Condition Other

This person is apparently from the US using last name on hotmail as _coxx. This particular one was sent from donald_coxx@hotmail.com.  Emails are sent from a iPhone. He asks you to send your PAL either by mail or email. I caught him using pictures from US auction gun websites. He may try to use stolen PAL with the name of Donald Livingston on it. Sentence structure is not of normal make-up. Ask where the person lives, what their phone number is for future communication, and a picture of them holding the firearm. Ask for picture of serial # so that you can check with local police to see if stolen.  Google the particular firearm in question to see if pictures have been copied

Account ID: 204903242
Cambridge, ON [ Show Map ]

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