Remington 870P Magnum

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Classified ID 60697
Date Updated: May 28, 2021
Price $750.00

This Remington 870P Magnum is a limited edition version that has a blued finish with walnut furniture. I bought this the year when Remington decided to produce a limited run of it. I've taken it to the range a few times and it has been a pleasure to shoot.This is built to a much higher level than the regular 870/870Ps. The fit and finish is better than any other pump shotgun on the market. The blued finish is rich and so pleasing to look at. The action is so smooth and effortless--you really have to experience it to believe it. The bolt is highly polished and extremely smooth. All the mechanical parts are solid metal--no MIM parts, no plastic. Everything feels solid, tight, and smooth. This is truly the rolls royce of pump shotguns.I added a +2 blued extension and Remington SuperCell recoil pad.

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