Knight Bloodline Muzzleloader Bullets

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Classified ID 59245
Date Updated: January 8, 2020
Price $95.00

Made for Knight Muzzleloaders by Lehigh Defence, these bullets can be difficult to find in Canada. They are precisely machined from solid brass on a CNC lathe in such a way that upon hitting organ tissue, six big sharp petals open up, snap off from around the nose and radiate out through the organ cavity, slicing and devastating the internal organs as they go. Check out the photos to see two petals recovered from my deer last year. Meanwhile the main mass of the bullet continues onward and usually exits the animal to help create a blood trail. The six pedals are light enough that they should not penetrate into meat if they cut completely through the organs.


These are the 275 grain .50 caliber model. Here is what is included in this sale:

-30 new bullets with sabots

-13 “used” bullets that have been pushed down my muzzleloader, carried around for a day of hunting, then pushed out the back of the barrel when I unloaded at night. These 13 bullets look new, are clean and pristine, and have new Knight sabots on them (I discard all “used” sabots). NOTE: Just to be on the safe side, I reserve these “used” bullets for the gun range, even though I’m confident that they would perform normally in a hunting scenario, I just don’t take any chances.

-20 new Knight sabots (red plastic)

-44 new MMP HPH 458x50 sabots (orange plastic; these are identical to the red Knight ones except that MMP makes the ones for their Knight contracts red, for marketing purposes, Bloodline and all).


Willing to mail anywhere if buyer pays shipping cost. Local pickup in East Dover, NS, almost anytime or in Halifax during weekday business hours.


Account ID: 204905933
East Dover, NS [ Show Map ]

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