2010 Kodak 9000 Extraoral Imaging System Cone Beam Dental 3D


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Date Updated: August 26, 2018
Price $15,000.00
Condition Excellent

Condition Summary
Fully functional and comes from a working practice. Currently in use. In great condition with no significant cosmetic damage.

Your purchase will include: Kodak 9000 digital dental cone beam x-ray system with 2400 HP computer system (with upgraded RAM drive).
Features: Extended and focused field-of-view,  produces images with 1:1 measurements, acquire images at 76 microns/0.076 mm voxel size

Benefits: Fully adjustable, versatile operation, improves patient comfort, increases diagnosis confidence
Kodak 9000 Specifications
Manufacturer: Carestream
Model: Kodak 9000
Serial Number: YJAK030
Power Requirements: 230-240V, 50-60Hz
Year: 2010

Software Version: Kodak Dental Imaging Software
Exposure Count: Approx. 1400

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