Krinkov Plinker, Ruger 10/22 stock set.


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Date Updated: January 25, 2019
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Krinkov Plinker  stock set for Ruger 10/22 that has the picatinny rail mount tapped screw holes in top of standard receiver.


set/kit includes:

AKSU folding stock

Krinkov Plinker stock/lower receiver.

all mounting screws.

front (aksu ) and rear ( AR aperature type ) sights assemblies

spare handguard retaining clips.

two handguards:

- original smooth aksu krinkov polymer handguard

- new aksu  krinkov handguard with rails @ 3,6,9 o'clock forward positions, with vertical grip.

Both barrels:

16" bull .920 barrrel with faux suppressor, 1/2x28tpi muzzle threading

8.5" bull .920 barrel with remanufactured ( 1/2x28tpi) AKSU Krinkov flash hider


$650  for local pickup

shipping is extra for destination, determined cost to ship to destination.


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