Level 4 ceramic & polyethylene kevlar multi curve armor plates


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Date Updated: January 8, 2021
Price $100.00

For sale:

For sale, extra NIJ level 4 10" x 12" ceramic over kevlar polyethylene mat body armor plate inserts.

 Pacific (Pac) Safety Products, NATO Stock Number, (NSN) Military, Police, Mil/Security Contractor.


-stand alone or in conjunction.


NIJ tested meets or exceed .300 Rem ultra mag, multi hit, in conjunction with level 3 vest panels.


.30-06 M2 AP stand alone, multi hit.

 Excellent condition.


-front plate is multi curve shooters cut.

-rear plate is multi curve



always kept stored as per instructions.

barely used, an extra set. no damage.


$110 for 1 x front plate & 1x rear plate set


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