H&K USP MATCH ( a "MATCH" set !! )

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Classified ID 43668
Date Updated: August 16, 2018
Price $6,000.00
Condition Excellent

Up for sale.


A pair of Beautiful
Heckler & Koch USP Match in .40 caliber Smith & Wesson.




This is a matched set. The serial numbers on the guns differ by a difference of one number.
(In other words, the serial number on one gun ends with ####520 and the other ends with ####521 )


 I would really like to say that the guns are Brand New!! And that would not be far from the truth.
However, I have fired ONE magazine (10 rounds) out of each of them on one occasion after purchase.
I am the Original owner.


The guns have no faults or defects !!!
No scratches, or scrapes, or bumps, or marks of wear !!
They have been perfectly preserved as New.




[NOTE: These are AUTHENTIC USP Match, and not reconstructions made of
modifications to USP by purchasing Match parts.]


The guns are no longer manufactured and are, thus, rare and beautiful.
A valued item set for Gun Collectors.




The guns are to be sold together and not separate under any circumstance !
They are to be purchased as a set.


Please refer to the attached photographs.
(Please forgive the poor quality of my camera and photographic skills).


LARGE PICTURES here (Please copy and paste the links bellow)




































Items Included with each gun:


(1) Its own Original carrying case.
(2) Instruction and Information booklets.
(3) Accessory tools: a set of Allan keys and tool for adjusting gun sights.
(4) Original magazine (10 round, legal).
(5) One O-ring already installed on gun.
(6) Paper target (from H&K) showing target grouping by H&K Quality Control test round.
(7) Four (4) extra magazines as shown in photos (10 round, legal) for each gun.




Additionally Included with this purchase:


- Two (2 total) extra magazines (10 round, legal). Not currently shown in photos.


- Over 24 spare O-rings (expensive and now very hard to find) for these guns !!


- A pair of extra barrel weights (compensators). These are the large black parts at the
front end of the barrel that carry the Match logo and give the USP Match it's distinctive look.
The extra ones have a rough texture and a flat dull-black finish giving the gun a slightly
different look.
(Compensators retail value (both) = $600. Shipped from Germany).


As previously mentioned.
The guns have been fired on ONE single occasion. 10 rounds each.
(I have a Gun Collector's Permit. Thus, do no require a shooting range membership.)
Since then have been stored in a Fire-Proof safe with lots of Silica Gel packs
(as seen) to protect from humidity.
The guns have been well oiled (as seen) and preserved for resale purposes.


How to contact me


I live in Laval, Quebec, CANADA.
You can Private Message me here but I do not log in here all that often,
so I may not know you are trying to contact me.


So if you are really serious about purchasing, you can just call me at
Please leave me a message and speak clearly, repeating your telephone number 2 times.


Or if you just have a passing interest and want to ask some questions you
can e-mail me at


Asking Price: $6000 for both (plus shipping if applicable)

( Payable in cash in person, or Money Order by mail, or Wire Transfer ).


 You may be able (just barely) to make out from some of the pictures, the Date Code on the guns. You can find it in front of the serial number that I have

partially blurred out. The Date Code on these guns is KI
KI = 1998
for info on H&K date codes look here




Also available:  Two H&K MARK 23


Please copy and paste the link: http://www.cansellall.com/lstID-43669

Account ID: 204904379
Laval, QC [ Show Map ]

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