Remington 1900 Double, 1908 Mfg, 30 Inch 12 GA

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Date Updated: August 12, 2018
Price $950.00
Condition Excellent

A very nice Remington Model 1900 double barrel side by side shotgun in 12 gauge. Finish on gun is original and very strong on the barrels except for the area at the balance point where carried. Case coloring on the action is still very strong. Barrels are 30 inches long and Remington steel, not Damascus. Right barrel is choked Modified and left barrel is choked Imp Modified. Bores in both barrels are bright and clean. There are no dents in the barrels. Lock up is nice and tight. Serial number indicates manufacture in 1908. The buttstock finish is flaking overall. The stock shows no alterations or sanding and the buttplate is the original Remington. Forearm is in fine condition and the latch mechanism functions well. There are no cracks in the forearm or buttstock. Numbers match on the barrels, forearm and action. Double triggers function well. Screw heads are all in fine condition.

Do not be deceived by the way it looks.It is a right on shooter.I paid almost a grand for it.Only reason I am selling is I bought a new Tikka.I have had this gun for sometime now.I am in my 70`s -going on 40 thanks to the GOOD LORD---and I am moving a few guns that no longer interest me.Look at the photos---- ask questions if you need to.If you bid and win it is yours.I will not give a refund as I have had items returned in lesser condition than when shipped- I will always listen to a reasonable offer.

For sale is a LIKE NEW. This gun is in near perfect condition and only one of the two owners fired any rounds through it. The gun also has a muzzle brake installed and extra thread protector. This is an excellent . If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get you an answer. Thank you for looking and have a great day


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