M1 Garand IHC

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Classified ID 42388
Date Updated: October 25, 2021
Price $850.00

M1 Garand IHC

Manufacturer: International Harvester Corporation

S/N: 5134636 – Indicates latest model towards end of production (Oct 1954 – EOP 1956)

-Receiver: Substantial pitting under wood line, indicates moisture in the wood at some point.

-Barrel: Severely pitted outside barrel chamber under rear handguard. VERY UNSAFE, along with unsafe headspace. Will not test fire. Recommend replacing barrel to be safe to test fire.

-Gas Cylinder: Worn out.

-Op Rod: Fairly pitted, worn out.

-Trigger Housing: Very pitted under wood line. Poor fit in wood.

-Stock: Wood is matching, but very damaged with numerous dings and dents. No cartouches

-Mixture of different finishes on the metal. Some are parkerized, some are blued.

-Preliminary inspection shows all matching IHC parts except for the rear sights and gas cylinder lock screw.

Fully inspected by Vulcan Gun Refinishing. This gun is being sold on consignment (along with 3 others listed here). Please contact us for more photos and/or details.

$900 plus tax and shipping.

Account ID: 204903965
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