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Date Updated: September 24, 2018
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hello, im just writing here to see if there is a way to get some help, i have been looking for while now to try to find a truck or SUV of some kind for my husband and my son for hunting and camping trips, its hard because there isnt alot of money, due to i work at sobeys and my husband get canada pension because he has been on dialysis for the last 4 years, so after paying rent and buying groceries and things our son needs we dont have a whole lot left, as im sure peolpe know rent these days isnt cheap either, i guess what im saying is im looking for mabe a donation of a truck or SUV for himso he can go with our son on day trips so that way they have somthing to do, were not asking alot and ussually dont ask for help for anything, we have been pretty much self reliant, but with how much people want for these trucks its hard on a limited budget to buy one straight out, it doesnt matter if its older or needs a few things that will give them somthing else to do, but if anyone would or wants to donate one i would very much appreciate it, please dont email rude comments i dont need or want that, i feel bad enough for asking as it is, and yes if you wanted i could get verification to prove my husband is on dialysis for you, if you think im trying to scam, trust me its not and no joke, this is the hardest time weve ever had.
thank you for reading this


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