Remington 700 VTR A-Tacs Never fired,still in box!.


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Date Updated: September 20, 2018
Price $1,000.00
Condition New

Price not negotiable (COMES WITH TWO FREE CASES OF SHELLS 25 PER BOX) Model 700™ VTR A-TACS® has a patent-pending triangular barrel design. • A-TACS® camo pattern on its stock is formulated with a digitized pattern that absorbs surrounding light for chameleon-like versatility. • 22″ triangular barrel weighs less than traditional heavy barrels yet delivers the same degree of heat dissipation and rigidity. • Integral muzzle brake reduces muzzle rise. • Vents in the fore-end quicken barrel cooling. • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger system. • Chambered in 308 Win. • Dual front swivel studs.

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