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Date Updated: January 4, 2020
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Firearms appraised for estates, insurance claims and valuation purposes.  A written appraisal is provided along with jpegs or photos of similar reference firearms.  Feel free to contact us for a review of any highly specialized firearms or even run of the mill garage sale finds or grandpa's old meat getting shotgun.  PAL available at your request.  Will purchase any firearm outright at top dollar at your request and pay shipping.  We are the one stop shop that is putting an end to firearm appraisal service nonsense in Canada.  Don't bother with gun show clacks, forget about pawn shop vultures and avoid delusional, misinformed pickers.  Email us from this site for more good information and solid advice.  Avoid regret and disappointment, find out what your firearm is really worth and put yourself in a position to make decisions on whether to sell, pawn or go to auction with your gun.  This ad has been receiving a good response from across the country and we thank each and every one of you for that interest.  Please be sure to include jpegs of your firearm showing make, model, caliber, gauge and any important areas of the firearm.  Above all else, straight shooting and square dealing.

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