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Date Updated: July 1, 2018
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Mathey Dearman, Inc. Following in the steps of Chester A. Mathey, Tim Dearman and Giancarlo Medea, Mathey Dearman, Inc. has continued to improve the durability and accuracy of its products in any type of environment by testing, redesigning, researching and continued development. Mathey, Inc. strives to find ways to help pipefitters to do quality work at the lowest possible cost in order to compete in today's economy. We at Mathey Dearman, Inc. will continually look for easy to make our products the best in the market place, while maintaining competitive pricing. After working with several end prep machines and investigating the cost involved, Mathey Dearman was determined to find a high quality product to mechanically bevel and face the pipe ends at a substantially lower cost. The answer is the Porta-Mill, which was purchased in 2000.
Examples of some of our innovative products are:

MagnaCut II

Super II

Pro Model Torch Arm

Positive Alignment Band Latch

Flange Alignment Tool

Land Grinder


C.A. Mathey

In mid 1930, Chester A. Mathey began building Saddle Type Machines that were the forerunners of the Mathey Short Saddle Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine. In the early 1950's, Mr. Mathey redesigned the saddle machine and introduced a more compact one-piece solid cast aluminum saddle design, that is still in use today. Mr. Mathey's customer profile of the early days is surprisingly similar to today's welding and industrial suppliers who service the pipeline and heavy construction contracts, pipeline operators, refineries, shipyards and oil field operators. Mathey Dearman acquired these product lines in l986.

Some of the US Patents obtained by C.A. Mathey:

Saddle Type Cutting and Beveling Machine

Shape Cutting Attachment

Coupon Cutter

Flange Line Up Pin

Tim Dearman

Having accumulated twenty-five years of welding experience, including supervision of pipeline construction, Tim Dearman had ample exposure to the primitive methods used to fit up pipes and pipe fittings. Convinced there was a better, faster and cheaper way to align pipe and pipe fittings, Tim Dearman worked nights and on weekends to build prototypes of pipefitter's tools and put them out for field-testing. The reception of these tools exceeded his fondest expectations. Encouraged by the reports from professional pipefitters and welders, who were using the tools in the field, Tim Dearman withdrew $2,200.00 from his savings in l970 to secure patents and to manufacture the Dearman Products. Today the tools that Tim Dearman produced are known throughout the world for durability and quality of workmanship. This Product line was added to Mathey's Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine Products in l996.

Some of the US Patents obtained by Tim Dearman:

Chain Clamp for aligning small diameters of pipes.

Standard Chain Clamp for Welding Pipe or Cylindrical Vessels

Universal Chain Clamp

Pipefitter's Protractors

Innovative Square Positioner

Rim Clamp

Q.C. Welder's Gauge

Add-on Jackbar

Two Hold Leveler

Giancarlo Medea

In 1959, after teaching courses in welding for 7 years and studying the capabilities, capacities and efficiency of welding electrode ovens, Giancarlo Medea designed and manufactured several styles of portable keeping ovens, drying ovens and flux ovens. Several years later Giancarlo Medea designed and manufactured the Jolly Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine for welders, who needed to cut small or large lots of random size pipes. C.I.A. Mathey was incorporated in l999 and purchased these product lines.

The following European Patents were obtained by Giancarlo Medea:

Jolly Chain Pipe Cutting Machine

Rotary Ground Clamp

Small Portable Ovens for Electrodes

Drying Ovens for Electrodes

Hopper Ovens for Flux

PEM Flux Drying Oven

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