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Date Updated: August 26, 2018
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Intercon Enterprises Inc. has been in business since 1978, manufacturing and delivering high quality products to the welding, machining and fabrication industries that are heavily associated with stainless steel. Founded by Alfred Schenk, the company has grown and prospered for over th Hardy Non-Sparking Hand ToolsIntercon Enterprises Inc. has safety, value and performance in mind when manufacturing their Hardy Non-Sparking Tools. The tools high quality and non-sparking properties reduce the risk of creating a spark in volatile environments. Hardy Tools include all types of hand tools including pliers, wrenches, and shovels to name a few. Custom sockets including impact sockets in sizes ranging from 1/4" drive through 1 ½" drive in deep well to custom depth are available in aluminum bronze, beryllium copper, or even titanium to satisfy a customer's needs and specifications.Please Note: These tools ARE electrically conductive and SHOULD NOT BE USED around electricity, or conditions which may produce a static electrical discharge, under ANY circumstances, unless indicated otherwise!ree decades standing by its motto of providing " Performance through innovation and quality". The attributes of this motto direct thWELDING PURGE SYSTEMS

Intercon Pipe Purging Systems are designed for quick purging of all sizes of pipe in ½ to 3 minutes. This purging will significantly reduce corrosion and oxides on the inside surface of pipe welds. Affected weld areas could be inside elbows, tees and flanges which are made of steel, stainless steel or alloys.
Modular Series Modular Series parts are non-dedicated, thus providing a degree of flexabiltiy in utilization as well as the reuse some components over multiple pipe sizes.
Mini Purge System ½" - 2" 15 mm - 52 mmMaxi Purge System 1½" - 16" 38 mm - 406 mmDedicated Series The Dedicated Series are provided in kit form for specific pipe sizes.
Compact Series 6" - 16" 152 mm - 508 mmJumbo Series 16" - 48" 406 mm - 1200 mm ) and largerComplete Kit Series The Complete Kit Series are provided in three separate kit forms for specific range of pipe and tube sizes.
Tubing Kit Series 1" - 4" 25 mm - 101 mmStarter Pipe Kit Series 1/2" - 6" 13 mm - 152 mm for Sch 10, 40 pipeLarge Pipe Kit Series 2" - 12" 50 mm - 305 mm for Sch 5, 10, 40 pipe
Please note that pipe sizes given here are for inside diameter! If this is not known, please see table of pipe schedules.
Features Common to all Purging Systems

  • Versatility for all pipe welding procedures, positions and materials.
  • Especially well suited to nuclear, chemical and food related applications.
  • Contamination-free system components.
  • Economical: uses less inert gas due to small chamber volume.
  • Time Saving: less down time due to a reduced purging volume.
  • Completely sealed environment - flexible double-lipped baffles adjust to the corresponding pipe diameter, ensuring a full wall seal.
  • Easy to use: system can be pulled out through small holes or dismantled.
  • Heat-resistant: the sys PIPE ALIGNMENT CLAMPS
    Interpurge pipe alignment clamps can help save valuble time by ensuring rigidity and proper alignment of the workpieces. Through micro-adjustable components, a precise alignment can be reached between parts to produce a high quality weld.
    • Allows efficient preparation for welding
    • Easy handling
    • Enhances the workpiece's security
    • High quality weld placement through precise micro-adjustment
    • Available in either forged electro-plated steel or forged stainless steel
    • All wing bolts have stainless steel ball bearings
    • Patented

    Note: These clamps are designed for the sole purpose of aligning pipe ends for welding. They are not to be used to support the weight of the pipe while lifting or moving. Do not use shims, wedges, or other levelling devices with them.tem can be left in place until the completion of the welding joint.
  • The system can also be used for cleaning purposes.

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