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?Amanda Psychic & Spiritual Healer?             Torontos #1 Accuracy Tested Reader  
                                                          All 4 Full Life Readings $20           Tarot Card Reading,Crystal Ball Reading,palm Reading, picture Reading,                                            ?2 Free Questions In Person Or By Phone? Hi my name is Amanda im a psychic indigo spiritualist Ive mastered all arts of the tarot cards crystal ball palmistry ,astrology readings chakra healing reiki healing & much more Ive helped helped thousands of men woman and children of all races & religions world wide in all problem areas of life of love-health-business-personal matters-addictions -spiritual problems-re-uniting lovers all problem areas in your life will disappear with my help! im 98.9% accurate in all of my readings based on clientele surveys & testing done at the "ASPR" society with over 19 years of experience.
I Will See & Tell All With No Questions Asked!
i'm a very spiritual individual so I also use the power of prayer & the lord to further help my clients & being indigo born i'm very sensitive and in tune with my surroundings including the people around me in order for me to tune in even more to my ability i must meditate and and fast regularly to heighten my abilities & to help my clients even further i use the power of prayer certain alchemy's of incense & oils the crystal ball to intensify the frequency around me to get a better connection with my client and the tarot cards to read further in to their lives these are my tools & this is my life i'm here to help you every step of the way i can & will solve your problems guaranteed results within 12-24 hours for my clients. i can take you back to your past explain your present & reveal your future !   What I Can Do For You re-unite loved ones--Bring back previous loved ones--Seperate Lovers--Cancel out or reverse negative or cursed spiritual energy--Cleanse your spirit so you feel rejuvenated & like your self again--Stop any annoying addiction that are possessing your life--help you financially tncrease yours or anothers income-- Legal matters & Court cases--Divorce Help--Any personal life matter I can fix by using my abilities to help you make the correct choice so you have a better out come in life--If you feel upset,angry,depressed,confused out & out tormented and you feel there is something surrounding you i will release from this pain and torment and cast out any evil surrounding you unlike a majority of the psychics out there I believe and work with the holy spirit and the holy lord.  
  ?Psychic Reading's, & Arts I Specialize in?
?Psychic Readings?
?Crystal ball?
?Tarot cards?
?Palm Readings?
?Energy Blocks?
?Evil or Bad Influence Removal?
?Picture Readings?
?House Blessings?
?Rune Stone Readings??Reiki Healing? ?Chakra Balancing?
?Spiritual Readings & Arts I Specialize in?
?Spiritual Cleansings Aka Soul Cleansing?
?Spiritual Block Removal?
?Dream Interpretations?
?Aura Readings?
?Lucid Dream Interpretations?
?Out Of Body Experiences?
?House Or Property Blessings?
?Item Blessings I.E Crosses Statues etc?
?Paranormal Activities?
?*Exercising Of Demons?
?Removal Of Unwanted Spirits?
?Curse Removals Or Reversals?
?Separation Or Reuniting Of Soul Mates?
?Spells ranging from:(Note)spells only done if requested   Seen on tv talk shows  radio programs and news articles through out canada
Cbc, 640 am, T.I.F.F, Toronto Star Articles, & Psychic Expos Across Canada  
  All clientele information is kept private & confidential Restores Health,Finance,Luck, Spiritual Energy!
98% Percent Accuracy Through Testings & Guaranteed to solve all your problems with 1 visit.
  Let Me Guide You To Your Spiritual Path To Success!
  2 Locations At 818 Wilson Avenue & 328 Wilson Avenue Hours of operation 10.00am to 11.30pm Mon-fri, 12pm-11:30pm Sat-Sun This One Call Will Make The Change 416-519-8055  

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