FN-24/K98 .22LR Naval Cadet Bolt action rifle.


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Date Updated: June 21, 2019
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FN-24/K98 .22LR Naval Cadet Bolt action rifle.24.25 inch barrel with sights.Rear sights Mil.Leaf 25-2000m plus Receiver Peep Aperture sight.Manf:1952 FN-Fabrique Nationale,Herstal,Belgium.Belgian Naval Cadet Training Rifle,No.136 of 1,000.FN-24 is modified Mauser 1898 Action. " Crown over B " Crest of King Baudoin 1," ABL over 1952 " on Receiver. Original Belgian Navy Gray Parkerzed Finish.Original Mauser type Muzzle Cap. Single shot. Full size Military wood. New Armory Condition.

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