Glock 30 SF


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Date Updated: June 25, 2021
Price $500.00

Glock 30 SF (.45acp) with night sights.  The night sights are made by Speed Sights and feature trijicon tritium inserts both front and rear.  Bright green front sight in daylight.  This pistol also has a very professional grip reduction done by out of Houston.  It feels like a 1911 with a flat backstrap and gentle texture.  Note the beavertail on it also, helps reduce recoil.  I've fired about 150 rounds through it.  It comes with 3 magazines and the original Glock box.  This is a perfect gun for someone who want's a Glock .45acp that's easy to carry and doesn't like the fat grip of the Glock .45acp pistols.

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