Remington 870/Vang Comp 14


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Date Updated: June 8, 2021
Price $650.00

I have 2 (two) exact same setups - both unfired and both personally built and presented to me by Hans Vang, Owner and Founder of Vang Comp Systems. It was safety checked, loaded and placed in safe ... it has never been fired but for test-firing at Vang Comp before delivery.

Vang Comp System :  

- Left Handed Firing Control Mechanism (safety pushes from left to right ... preferred by a number of competitive Right Handers!);  

- 14" Ported, Back Bored barrel reduces felt recoil, muzzle-flip and produces consistent 10-ring patterns at 50ft with 8-9 pellet 00-buck!  

- Italian LDPA Ghost Rear (adj.) and Tritium front Sights  

- Hogue Black Grip Stock  

- VCS Big Dome Safety  

- VCS Stainless Steel Follower  

- VCS 2-Shot Magazine Tube Extension  

*** 6-rounds in the magazine tube + 1 in the chamber !!!   ***

In addition to SureFire Fore-end and Single Point Sling ... buyer has choice of 1 (one) additional Knoxx Industries stock from the picture below - both are brand new.

Knoxx Industries Stocks - 1 (one) of these free with purchase (single point sling included)

Porting; Italian Front LPA Tritium Sight

Right Side shows Surefire Fore End

14" Barrel ... 00-Buck patterns in 10-Ring at 50 ft. !!!

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