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Date Updated: August 15, 2018
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Smart Auto Check provides an independent, third-party vehicle inspection that serve as trustworthy bridge between buyers and sellers.

We are a Mobile Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Service and our goal is the help you gain confidence as well as enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a highly qualified professional has thoroughly inspected their potential purchase.


1 - 800 - 510 - 55 99


The Results Of Our Inspection Can Save You From Buying A Lemon
And Keep Thousands Of Dollars In Your Pocket.

We will help you to decide if a car is worth spending money on, or if you need to ask for a discount so that any issues can be fixed. You may be happy to own a car with a few imperfections, but you shouldn’t be paying for them. If it’s a bad car you may not want it at any price.


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