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TCM 6000 lb Double mast- in impressive condition!
Oakville ON | December 4, 2019
Available for sale is a TCM FG30N5T- 6000 lb capacity forklift. This is a recent trade-in from a large company which had it fleet maintained. This machine has been completely refurbished. The steering axle been rebuilt completely. The Hydraulic pump and the engine drive chain are new, and then we ga...
2016 UniCarriers Forklift in AWESOME CONDITION!
Mississauga ON | December 4, 2019
This is a 2016 UniCarriers (formerly TCM) 5000lb cushion tire forklift. It is in excellent condition, and has approximately 6900 hours use on it. These machines will go up to 20000 hours, so if you want a really good investment with not a lot of depreciation, this is it. This type of forklift sells...
2013 HYSTER 6000lb Propane with Fork Positioner.
Mississauga ON | December 4, 2019
We have this great machine available. This 6000 lb propane forklift has fork positioner and a side shifter too! It is has low operating hours (12133) on it! This forklift has a triple stage full mast which will go up to 188” and the low is 85”.It has a 48” class 3 forks installed and if you require...
Toyota 4000 lb Electric 3 wheel Forklift- Great unit!
Oakville ON | December 3, 2019
We have this 2000 model Toyota 3 wheeler available in excellent condition. It has full free lift triple mast with a maximum lift of 185” and the lowered height is 83”. It is equipped with a side-shifter and class 2-42” forks installed.  The traction-cushion tires are almost brand new (as pictured)...
3000 lb Clark Dock Stacker in great condition
Mississauga ON | December 3, 2019
We have this 2000 model Clark dock stacker available for sale. The stacker has 2 stage mast and the mast lift is 130”, the lowered height is 86”. It has white non marking tires on it and are almost brand new in condition, it also has a load guard.      The machine has a 36V really good battery in it...
2004 Caterpillar reach truck in outstanding condition.
Mississauga ON | December 3, 2019
Available for sale is a 3000 lb capacity Caterpillar single reach truck in very good condition. The maximum lift is 252” and the lowered height is 107”. It is equipped with 42” forks. It does not come with a side-shift. It has approx. 9000 hours on it which is not bad considering the age. All wheels...
Shotgun Shells
Toronto ON | December 1, 2019
9 boxes 12 gage and 3 boxes slugs
Raymond single reach truck in super condition.
Oakville ON | November 29, 2019
We have this 2002 model Raymond reach truck available in great condition. This 4500 lb capacity truck was used by Home Depot since brand new and they were well maintained by them. The maximum lift is 211” and 96” is the lowered height. It has just about 9000 hours on it and it is really low for the...
Almost new 7000 lb Value Diesel forklift.
Mississauga ON | November 20, 2019
We have this ‘ALMOST NEW’ 7000 lb cap diesel forklift available now. It was manufactured in 2017 but it was delivered to the original customer in 2018. Its been used for only 1442 hours.  This forklift is powered by a S4S Mitsubishi Diesel engine, and it still runs like brand new. We just received t...
2014 YALE GLC 8000 lb Cap Propane Forklift with 4 way valve.
Mississauga ON | November 18, 2019
We have this fine forklift available and it’s a 2014 model propane machine with 8000 lb cap. This forklift is in excellent condition. It has a triple mast will go a maximum high of 195” and the low is 94” when it’s down completely. The great thing about this unit is it comes with 4 way valve and a s...
New Hybrid pallet truck- Just awesome!
Mississauga ON | November 15, 2019
  They are self-propelled and self-lifting as well. >>>It is truly UNIQUE! >>> The new style HYBRID POWER PALLET TRUCKS are available now. This will work as a power pallet truck, and enable the operator to move palletized cargo quickly with this small, easily maneuverable machine....
Clark 5000 lb 3 wheel forklift- Super condition.
Mississauga ON | November 13, 2019
This is a very rare machine indeed! This is an early 2000's 5000lb capacity 3 wheel forklift, and it is only made by Clark, the first forklift company to build this type of machine. They are very versatile, as they have the capacity of a regular 4 wheel 5000lb machine, and the ability to move around...
2013 Crown 5000 lb EE Electric forklift- A Great unit!
Mississauga ON | November 12, 2019
We have this ‘EE’ type 5000 lb capacity Crown forklift in very good condition. We have done a number of jobs to refurbish this unit, in short it works like it should. The maximum lift is 188” and the low is 87”. It has a width of 41” and it is only 84” longer, so it will turn around in a little spac...
Crown RR 3520-35 Reach Truck good in condition.
Mississauga ON | October 30, 2019
We have this 3500 lb capacity Crown single reach truck available in excellent condition. This unit has been refurbished and painted recently, it works really great. The mast will go up to 220" high and the lowered height is 98". It is equipped with a side shifter and class 2-42" forks installed.  ...
2012 Raymond Power Pallet truck- Excellent machine
Mississauga ON | October 28, 2019
Available for sale is a 6000 lb capacity Raymond walkie in great condition. It has very low hours on it. The 2012 model Raymond will raise up to 9” and the forks length is 48” and 27” width in between them. It has a 24V excellent battery in it and it hold the charge really well. You can get up to 5...
Excellent Raymond reach- Ready to go, certified!
Mississauga ON | October 28, 2019
Available for sale is a 4500 lb capacity 1997 model Raymond single reach truck. This unit is refurbished & repainted and now ready to go to work for you. We have checked over everything and then had it repainted. Now the truck works perfectly like it should. The maximum lift is 211” and the low...
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ATF Cab forklift 7000 lb with fork positioning rotator
Mississauga ON | October 24, 2019
We have the ATF 7000 lb Diesel forklift with cab available now, for order. The pictured unit has a Bolzoni Fork Positioning Rotator installed. For this kind of attachment, you need to have a forklift with 4 way valving and ALL of our brand new forklift comes with 4 valves and with side-shift as stan...
Toronto ON | October 17, 2019
Toronto ON | October 17, 2019
Toronto ON | October 16, 2019