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St. John's NL | September 4, 2018
We offer quality variety of FIREWOOD / Charcoal,(Birch, oak, ash, beech, alder, hornbeam,Ebony,Mangrove) fresh chopped or kiln dried. We also offer Kindling wood/Charcoal. The lenght of wood sticks is usually range from 25cm and 100cm per piece. We pack firewood in 1m3 and 2m3 wooden pallets (extern...
custom built longbows
Placentia NL | July 26, 2018
Here at Longshore Longbow's, each bow is carefully hand crafted one at a time. All of the core and riser woods are hand picked and the lamination's are custom ground by myself, using only the very best of woods. The lamination's and core woods are very carefully glued up with the proper epoxies and...