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Are you one of those pondering over how to obtain loans to fund your immediate needs in the absence of a collateral. Stop! You are at the right place for guaranteed unsecured loans. Your unsecured loans are approved instantly with no credit checks carried out. CCJ, IVA, foreclosures or loan defaults will not stop us from making quick unsecured loans to you. for more inquiries, please contact us via email Head office via

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The financing types include, but not limited to the followings:

    Term Loan and Advances
    Loan Syndication
    Equity/Debt Financing
    Multilateral Financing Arrangement
    Bridging Finance
    Lease Finance
    Bonds, Guarantees & Indemnities

Special Features Include,but not limited to the followings:
    Available loans up-to $1,000,000.00
    No Guarantor, No Collateral required
    Flexible repayment options with tenure up-to 60 months
    Hassle free application process
    Easy documentation
    Quick processing and disbursal

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