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Focus fuse bow archery
North Battleford SK | January 26, 2020
Focus fuse bow 6 fibreglass target arrows barely used 
Recruit recurve crossbow
North Battleford SK | January 26, 2020
Recruit recurve cross bow rated at 245 feet per second 135 lbs drawlots of fun to shoot but don't have the opportunity to use it very much  16 target arrows with screw on ends  
Remington 7400 308 .2.mags
Penticton BC | January 23, 2020
Scuffs, some marks on bluing. Not shot much, 2.mags. Sling and leupold hardware. 500 plus shipping.and must have a pal  
RCBS Reloading Equipment
Penticton BC | January 22, 2020
RCBS JR2 press, RCBS 30/06 dies. Lee Loader 30/06 set, RCBS Scale Set, RCBS Powder Measure, RCBS Lube Pad. RCBS pPrimer Feeder.  I have all Photos if needed. 
Suomi M-31
Barrie ON | January 18, 2020
Suomi M-31 9mm Parabellum accurate, cycles flawless, no trades, lawballers will be ignored, will ship on buyer. $690.
Heckler & Koch USP in .45 ACP
Laval QC | January 16, 2020
NOTE: ONLY THE LASER SIGHTING REMAINS FOR SALE !! NOTE: ONLY THE LASER SIGHTING IS LEFT FOR SALE !! NOTE: ONLY THE LASER SIGHTING IS FOR SALE !! PRICE : $259.99 See bellow for info. Hardly used, in PERFECT condition.No Defects – No Damage.Working Perfectly Laser Sight to fit any & all semi-autom...
Enfield No 5 MK1 Carbine
Two Hills AB | January 13, 2020
This beautiful gun was made in 1947 the last year of production. Shinning bore with good rifling, Stock and metal are almost perfect, receiver and wrist band No's match, bolt does not appear to have a serial No.,except it has AI5 stenciled and the bolt knob is not drilled. It is a real No 5 as it ha...
Muzzleloader Bullet Variety Pack
East Dover NS | January 8, 2020
Want to try different types of bullets in your muzzleloader but don’t want to spend a fortune? Let me help you with the leftover bullets from my own testing. All are new, in perfect condition.   This sale is for:   9x Barnes Expander Spit-Fire TMZ 250 grain saboted bullets   7x Federal Premium Troph...
Knight Bloodline Muzzleloader Bullets
East Dover NS | January 8, 2020
Made for Knight Muzzleloaders by Lehigh Defence, these bullets can be difficult to find in Canada. They are precisely machined from solid brass on a CNC lathe in such a way that upon hitting organ tissue, six big sharp petals open up, snap off from around the nose and radiate out through the organ c...
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Firearms Appraised - no cost
Regina SK | January 4, 2020
Firearms appraised for estates, insurance claims and valuation purposes.  A written appraisal is provided along with jpegs or photos of similar reference firearms.  Feel free to contact us for a review of any highly specialized firearms or even run of the mill garage sale finds or grandpa's old meat...
Scope camouflage
Ottawa Hills OH | January 4, 2020
New in the box see pictures for information 
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for sale guns
Prince Albert SK | January 4, 2020
  remington 1911 r1 semi 45acp with 2 magazines ,like new price $900.00 plus taxes...asking $700.00 
Tikka T3X Special Edition CTR .308
Yorkton SK | January 2, 2020
For sale is Tikka Special edition compact tactical rifle with 10 round magazine, .308 caliber. The rifle comes with original compensator, but i did not like it as it was heavy so i bought a lighter and better one to put on it.  - Compensator - Precision Armament M4-72 Tactical Compensator 7.62/.308...
Beretta Model S57EL Over/Under Shotgun - 12 Ga.
Yorkton SK | January 2, 2020
Shotgun is in good state. To purchase must have a valid PAL.
Steyr Mannlicher 7mm Mag.
Yorkton SK | January 2, 2020
Steyr Mannlicher SafeBolt 7mm Magnum Rifle is in good condition, always taken care of.
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hunting knivies
Prince Albert SK | December 13, 2019
for sale kinvies $35.00 for each set obo   or $100.00 for all  
Shotgun Shells
Toronto ON | December 1, 2019
9 boxes 12 gage and 3 boxes slugs
SKS ATI Scorpion Strikeforce Stock with Forend Grip
Yorkton SK | November 30, 2019
Used for one hunting season. Comes with ATI Five-Position Vertical Forend Pistol Grip
Stock for Ruger 10/22
Yorkton SK | November 30, 2019
In very good condition. Barely used. 
Cooey Model 75 .22CAL
Yorkton SK | November 30, 2019
Single Shot