General Equipment

New Hybrid pallet truck- Just awesome!
Mississauga ON | October 16, 2019
They are self-propelled and self-lifting as well. >>>It is truly UNIQUE! >>> The new style HYBRID POWER PALLET TRUCKS are available now. This will work as a power pallet truck, and enable the operator to move palletized cargo quickly with this small, easily maneuverable machine. Th...
Caterpillar 8000 lb heavy duty forklift W/Cab- A great unit!
Mississauga ON | October 10, 2019
 Available for sale is a late 1990s Pneumatic 8000 lb cap. Caterpillar forklift with cab (refurbished). We have done a number jobs and maintenance for this unit to get it refurbished. We have replaced/repaired any worn out or defective parts and then repainted it, so now it is ready to go to work fo...
New 5000lb ATF/Vimar Pneumatic Tire Forklift.
Mississauga ON | October 9, 2019
  We have this great 5000 lb forklift available in stock. This is powered by Nissan K-25 dual fuel (propane & Gasoline) engine. The tires are solid pneumatic and it has a full free lift three stage mast. The maximum lift is 189” and the lowered height is 85”. It has class 2-48" forks installed a...
2004 Raymond Double deep High reach truck
Mississauga ON | October 7, 2019
Available for sale is a 2004 Raymond high reach truck in great condition. This is a double reach too, the mast will go to a maximum of 294” and the lowered height is 132”. It has 42” forks installed and equipped with a side-shifter too. This machine has been carefully inspected and certified. Some m...
NEW 10000 lb ATF / Vimar Solid-Pneumatic FORKLIFT
Mississauga ON | October 7, 2019
NEW 10000lb ATF PROPANE - Solid-Pneumatic Forklift. This EXCELLENT machine is equipped with the NEW style 4.3 PSI - GM 4.3 (EPA approved) engine. These engines will pass ANY emission test in the North American market. It also has a HD transmission (2 speed forward and back-up) and the steering axle...
Raymond Model 20 R 30TT- Excellent reach truck
Mississauga ON | October 3, 2019
Available for sale is a Raymond Model 20 reach truck with 3000 lb capacity. We put new drive wheel on it (as pictured) and a number of other maintenance items done and its ready for delivery. The maximum lift is 186” and lowered height is 89”. These machines does not have a computer but just a basic...
Integrated Heinzen Food Processing Line
Cobourg ON | September 28, 2019
Full Heinzen fresh food dunking, washing and drying line. 2014 in good condition and working order. Not used for the last 3 years. Located in cobourg
2016 UniCarriers Forklift in AWESOME CONDITION!
Mississauga ON | September 25, 2019
This is a 2016 UniCarriers (formerly TCM) 5000lb cushion tire forklift. It is in excellent condition, and has approximately 6900 hours use on it. These machines will go up to 20000 hours, so if you want a really good investment with not a lot of depreciation, this is it. This type of forklift sells...
Toyota Power Pallet truck- A great unit!
Mississauga ON | September 23, 2019
Available for sale is a 6000 lb Toyota walkie pallet truck in excellent condition. The 2006 machine will rise up to 9”. The width in between the forks are 27” and they are 67” longer. This has 2204 hours only which is really low for the year.        The ride-on option is available, so the operator c...
Raymond Gofer- the little order picker in Super condition.
Mississauga ON | September 20, 2019
Available for sale is a light weight 1998 model Raymond Gofer. It is a 3000 lb capacity order picker with 42” forks installed. The word ‘gofer’ itself means “the person whose job is to do simple and rather boring task for someone”. Just like its name, it does the very simple job!     The maximum li...
New ATF/Vimar 5000lb Pneumatic forklift with Cab
Mississauga ON | September 11, 2019
We have this super machine available in stock, it is powered by PSI 2.4 EPA approved emission engine. This 5000lb cap forklift is equipped with a cab and solid pneumatic tires. It has a full free lift triple mast and the mast lift is 188 to 85" lowered. It has class 2 -48" forks installed and if you...
New ATF 7000lb Diesel- The real workhorse!
Mississauga ON | September 5, 2019
We have the new 7000lb ATF/Vimar diesel forklift available for sale. This is powered by Mitsubishi S4S engine. These machines will pass any emission test in North America. It has HD automatic transmission, comes with 4 way valving include a side shifter and the option for any attachments like a cart...
3000 lb Clark Dock Stacker in great condition
Mississauga ON | September 4, 2019
We have this 2000 model Clark dock stacker available for sale. The stacker has 2 stage mast and the mast lift is 130”, the lowered height is 86”. It has white non marking tires on it and are almost brand new in condition, it also has a load guard.      The machine has a 36V really good battery in it...
Crown RR 3520-35 Reach Truck good in condition.
Mississauga ON | August 22, 2019
We have this Crown single reach available, and it works really well. It’s a 1996 model 3500 lb capacity truck. The mast will go up to 220” high and the low is 98”. It has class 2-42” forks installed and it has a side shifter which is really good. This machine has repainted recently so its in really...
Industrial floor stapler by Stanley
Gananoque ON | August 9, 2019
Worth 900 new! Bought by mistake thinking it was a hand tool! For commercial use for cardboard or large amounts of paper...will deliver within fifty kms of Gan or Kingston Ontario
Brand new ATF / Vimar 3 WHEEL Electric Forklift
Mississauga ON | July 30, 2019
  The 3 Wheel models of the ATF / VIMAR FORKLIFTS are now available. These fine machines have the very latest technology built in, such as A/C drive and hydraulic motors, Curtis Controllers and regen braking. As can be seen in the pictures, these machines are very small, and easy to maneuver in very...
2015 Hyster 6000 lb forklift with fork positioner.
Mississauga ON | July 15, 2019
  Available for sale is a 6000 lb Hyster in awesome condition. The forklift has full free lift 3 stage mast which can go to a maximum height of 188” and the lowered height is 87”. Yes it has the fork positioner installed and its side-shifts too. This is equipped with 48” forks and if you need longer...
2007 Caterpillar Solid pneumatic forklift with cab
Mississauga ON | July 4, 2019
Available for sale is a 5000 lb capacity Caterpillar in really impressive condition. We gave a complete inspection, service, oil change and tune-up etc. We put brand new tires and the paint job done. We have replaced/repaired any deffective or worn out parts. So it is a freshly refurbished unit by a...
Nissan 11000 lb heavy duty forklift w/cab in excellent condition
Mississauga ON | June 12, 2019
We have this 2006 Nissan 11000 lb heavy duty DIESEL forklift with a cab available, and in really good condition. We have checked this machine completely and replaced/repaired any worn out or defective parts, and then gave it a complete service and then repainted it (as seen in the picture). Now the...
5000 lb Yale -Electric forklift -works really great
Mississauga ON | June 6, 2019
Available for sale is a 2003 Yale with 5000lb capacity in great condition. This forklift has a three stage full free lift mast. The mast lift is 189” and the lowered height is 85”. It has a side shifter. It is equipped with class 2-42” forks, if you need longer forks, just ask us. The forklift has L...