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Date Updated: June 16, 2023
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Because we believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep on a comfortable mattress, we manufacture bespoke mattresses for all of our customers.

Are you a side sleeper who wants a semi-firm mattress? Or, perhaps, you prefer a firmer bed for your back; we are here to listen to your needs and create the product of your dreams.

At Matelas Personnel, in addition to custom mattresses, where you can choose the size, firmness, materials (inside and outside), and more, we also specialize in:

  • Natural latex mattress - made from organic cotton stuffed with natural wool for softness and durability.
  • Reversible mattresses - where both sides can be used.
  • Organic mattresses - produced with natural and organic materials.
  • Spring mattress - with internal springs that provide better support and air circulation.
  • High density foam mattress

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