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Date Updated: September 4, 2018
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WHY DANCE ? Empower Yourself!
Learning to dance offers a wide range of personal benefits that span far beyond the dance floor. Once you begin to master the moves, you'll soon discover that dancing the Fred Astaire way brings out the best in you. In many cases, our students quickly start to display qualities they never thought they had. Whether you are 18 years old or as young as 88 years, it's never too late to start dancing. Join the happiest people in town at your local Fred Astaire Franchise Dance Studios and enjoy all the benefits that dancing offers!


FUN: Not only will you delight in your dancing experiences at your local Fred Astaire studio being surrounded by artistic, enthusiastic staff and fellow students, you will learn that learning to dance leads to many incredible fun-filled experiences. You no longer have to sit out a dance or struggle to lead or follow. The magic of dancing allows you to express yourself physically as you display every move you've learned. Once you begin to learn to dance, have fun with it and start every year on the right foot!

HEALTH & EXERCISE: Hate exercising well great, because dancing is a true aerobic exercise program that anyone can do and it helps one's circulatory system, enhances muscle tone, balance, and stamina and burns off unwanted calories. Through constant movement, muscle extension and stretching, you can tone your body and improve your image. We consistently hear that it's a great mild exercise, but I am still losing weight.

SELF CONFIDENCE: Feeling confident in public settings, especially when dancing while people look on, soon gives one attributes of creativity, energy and self-esteem. This aura carries forward to many other aspects of their personal and business lives, providing a clear sense of confidence, happiness and excitement.

CREATIVITY: The Fred Astaire method of instruction and curriculums allows the student to learn how to dance, not just a particular dance. This enables the student to learn the basic structure of each dance and then add their own special individual style and rise to any occasion that they may encounter on the dance floor. This is called "American Open" style dancing where one can be as creative as they want, blending personal expression into every dance.

RELATIONSHIPS: The Magic of Dance can be your key to open doors to meet new people, build friendships and even rekindle relationships. Regardless of your gender, age, or marital status, what a great way to break the ice by asking someone: "May I have this dance?" Whether you are single, divorced or widowed, male or female, there is nothing like asking or being asked to dance at a nightclub or any other social or business function. Dancing also helps bring couples together. Many empty nesters to senior couples find that dancing rekindle a romantic spark that sometimes escape long-term relationships. So get out and strut your stuff and make a lasting impression.


Many times the hardest part of learning to dance is picking up the telephone, making an appointment and showing up for your first lesson. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios we understand that many individuals have a hard time making this decision and following through. To overcome these possible emotions, we are well prepared at our end to make your experience one that will quickly take away the jitters and replace these feelings with one of fun and confidence. One call and one visit to the "Friendliest Place in Town" and you're on your way to a new life adventure you'll cherish forever.

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Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1H7
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1092 Main Street, West (near Cline Ave.)
Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1B3
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400 Dundas Street, Second Floor, (corner of Colborne & Dundas)
London, Ontario, N6B 1V7
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149 Second Avenue, Suite 203 (In the Glebe)
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 2H6
Telephone: 613 567-3237
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1211 King Street East
Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 1N5
Telephone: 519-571-9701
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