Glock Model 17 Gen

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Date Updated: August 18, 2018
Price $400.00
Condition Excellent

This my used Glock 17 Gen 2. Chambered in 9mm, The Glock 17 is a remarkable firearm. It has endured countless torture tests to disprove the critics that it is just a Tupperware gun. The Glock 17 is widely used by military groups and police departments from around the world. 65% of Law Enforcement agencies in the United States carry the Glock pistol and rightly so. The Glock 17 weighs in at an amazing 25.06 oz!, making it an ideal choice for those who are critical about weight. This model of the Glock 17 is a Gen 2 model that was made back in 1993. The gun comes in the original box with the original paperwork. The Gen 2 does not incorporate the finger grooves

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