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Date Updated: August 9, 2018
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You probably have heard of P & G products or have them in your home HOWEVER did you know that Proctor & Gamble sales are $80 billion a year? That is only one company - Johnson & Johnson sales are $61 billion a year & there are many more companies/corporations that are in the billions in sales every year.

 During our working years, we, as consumers, pay out most of our earned dollars to these corporations/stores and companies for our daily consumable products - food, personal care, cleaners, etc.

Generally, these stores/corporations spend up to 70% of the dollar in distribution & advertising, convincing us that we have a need and a want for their products. They add this expense to the price of the product & we end up paying for the very advertising that convinced us to buy the product. We call this 70% "squandered money".

 If we could "recapture the squandered money" & funnel these funds back to the very customer that buys the products, we could create an alternate shopping system & a new way to earn income.

 The customer/consumer, after all, is very instrumental in the success of any company (e.g. Walmart, P & G). By forming a company & allowing loyal satisfied customers to revenue share through word of mouth advertising, we could create a solid customer base & thereby create a reliable income.

 By providing the same products that customers are currently buying from stores, the buying decision is eliminated & no new products or services are added to the budget. And no new money is required. Since we are already someone's customer - it's not a buying decision - that decision has already been made - it simply becomes a shopping decision. Just change where & how we shop. Simply put: switch stores, save & earn money.

 THERE IS a manufacturing company that provides products of: exceptional quality, reasonably priced, great value, environmentally friendly, conveniently delivered, total satisfaction guaranteed; with a revenue sharing concept.

 I believe this will appeal to all smart thinking families. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Charlotte Polski


Think Green

Safer for you & your family

Shop from home

Save time & Money

More effective & More economical

Than grocery store brands!

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