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Date Updated: September 2, 2018
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Founded in 1992, in Portland, Oregon USA, ICS is the World Leader in Diamond Chain TechnologyTM. ICS designs, manufactures and sells concrete saws, diamond chain and a full range of construction related products and specialty accessories.Still headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ICS also has a sales and distribution office in Belgium and a worldwide distribution network covering more than 100 countries.ICS Concrete Saws, Diamond Chains, and related products are sold and supported by a worldwide network of ICS Authorized Dealers and backed by a comprehensive network of factory trained service centers
The Technology
ICS Concrete Saws let you make deeper, cleaner and more accurate cuts, in less time. Deeper cuts and square corners means getting the job done with fewer steps. No more trying to match up cuts from both sides. No more impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding concrete or masonry. No more o General Construction Applications

  • Foundations

  • Concrete pipe
  • Electrical box openings
  • Ventilation openings
  • Expansion joints
  • Vents
  • Curb cut-outs
• Seismic retrofits  
  • From under 18 lbs - high power-to-weight ratio in a compact design to fit in every gang box
  • Easy to use, ready to work in minutes for any crew member
  • Safe, abrasive cutting for precision work
  • Low maintenance - simply rinse off and lube bar, chain, and starter area before putting away
  • Cut openings as small as 3 1/2" - great for mechanical and electrical applications
• Deep plunge cuts without over-cuts for huge savings over other cutting methods    Utility Construction

  • Pipe Taps
  • Trim Manholes to Grade
  • Utility Vaults
  • Small Openings
• Concrete Removal  
  • Plunge cut straight into concrete pipe
  • Non-percussion, less risk of damage
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Less Excavation
 Landscape Construction    Applications

  • Miter, angle and arc cuts
  • Natural Stone - water features & fountains
  • Notch stones to create water channels
  • Create clean, tight fitting stone and rock walls
  • Hardscapes and fake rocks
• Labor savings on dry stack walls and features 
  • Deep plunge cuts for holes in water features and fountains
  • Abrasive cutting chain for precision work on rocks and stone
  • Steerable to cut arcs on stones and pavers
  • From under 18 lbs - small and lightweight for job site portability
• Inexpensive replacement chains for per job bidding    Masonry Construction    

  • Windows
  • Door openings
  • Expansion joints
  • Masonry repair
  • Crawl space access
  • Scupper holes
  • Beam pockets
• Remodel brick walls  
  • From under 18 lbs - go "with the tool" not "to the tool"
  • Openings as small as 3 1/2" allow for clean removal of single bricks
  • Non-percussive operation - safely cut without damaging materials
  • Easily cut square corners with no over-cuts
  • Multi-material chains that cut brick, block, stone, concrete, and synthetic materials
• Cut angles and miters in the wall or on scaffolding without heavy non-portable equipmentver-cutting corners. Eliminating over-cuts reduces patchwork. Cut deep. Cut fast. Cut all the way through from one side. Principal Technology Advantages
  • Deep Cuts (up to 24")

  • Square Corners
  • Tight Spaces
  • Single-Side Access
  • Small Holes (3"x3")
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Time Savings
• No Rotational "Kickback" (Grinding vs. Chipping)

Swift Industrial Sales Ltd.

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