M1 Garand, IHC Collector

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Classified ID 48659
Date Updated: August 3, 2018
Price $2,000.00
Condition Excellent

M1 Garand. Serial #4,539,225. All correct. This rifle was purchased from the CMP in August of 1998. Original CMP certificate and papers will be provided with the rifle. The CMP did not grade the rifles in the categories they have today in 1998 but it would easily sell for collector grade today. A "collector" grade with similar specifications recently sold on CMP for $6,544. A "correct" grade, (not collector grade) recently sold on CMP for $3,850. This rifle has a Throat erosion (TE) =.5 ME=1.75. Bore is mirror. Barrel is P LMR D6536448, 6-53 date, A15, PM and tiny partial ordnance stamp. High hump gas cylinder lock with crossed plug marked NHC and IHC. Flared front sight. Gas cylinder is marked one (1) on flat top of ring with tapered front of bayonet lug. It also has a single punch mark on the bayonet lug. Op rod with relief cut and marked D 6535382 IHC. Tip of op rod is excellent and bright. Receiver marked D6528291-G. No heat lot number. Bolt marked D6528287 IHC, heat lot AS. Windage knob marked IHC DRC. Elevation knob marked IHC. Follower is unmarked. Bullet guide is stamped with notch. Stock is stamped 2925 in the barrel channel, a ½â€ DOD cartouche and a circled P firing proof in front of the grip. Post WW11 butt plate. Trigger housing is 6528290 IHC. Stamped trigger guard with safety marked IHC. Hammer is 5546008 IHC. The wood on this rifle is exceptional. There are some minor abraisions from being placed in a rack on both sides of the receiver and a few scattered, light dings but overall excellent wood. Cartouche and proof are very evident. There are a few specks of what appear to have been yellow paint down in some grains of the wood just behind the receiver

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