Mcintosh C1000 Tube Pre Amp


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Date Updated: July 31, 2018
Price $8,000.00

This is one of the best Preamp you can find, I had many many preamp, this one has the best looking, best sounding, and very well made. One of the finest piece Mcintosh ever made!  Come with control unit and tube preamp. Two rack. It's always in a smoke free room.  Very clean and no marks or  scratch. Very good condition, close to 9/10.  I have many audio systems in my house, so I don't use it that much. Total less than 300 hours used.  As you can tell from the pictures,  I am selling it because I Need cash to buy new toy. And I got way too many system in my house. Really love this unit!  No low ball please. Thank you.

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Williams Lake Resort, ID [ Show Map ]

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